If you’re looking to watch a festive movie this holiday season that’s more suitable for a mature audience, Scott “Movie” Mantz has some picks for you.

As we inch closer to Christmas, the film critic is listing his top five Christmas movies for grownups.

Coming in at number five is the Billy Bob Thornton film “Bad Santa.”

“No kids are allowed,” Mantz cautioned KTLA 5 viewers.

The 2003 dark comedy stars Thornton alongside Tony Cox. The pair play a couple of con artists who get jobs as Santa Clause and an elf at a department store. They plan to later rob the stores during the holiday season.

“It’s as raunchy, as vulgar, and is anti-Christmas as a Christmas movie can possibly be,” Mantz broke down. “The movie is also very witty and funny and has a big heart. So maybe, just maybe, this is a perfect Christmas movie, after all, just one that is for grownups.”