When it comes to the “Lady Gang” podcast nothing is really off the table.

Now, the ladies of the successful show have penned a new book that contains some major confessions from their followers.

“We have collected secrets from the ‘Lady Gang’ community all over the world,” explained cohost Becca Tobin. “We had a hotline that the girls would call into and anonymously leave these voicemails of their deepest, darkest secrets and confessions. We had about 10,000 people submit. We picked our favorites, put them in the book and also wrote a few of our own secrets but ours are, unfortunately, not anonymous.”

The “Glee” actress said the confessions are “juicy” and “scandalous” and range from “adult thumb sucking” to pretty heavy topics like divorce and miscarriages.

“Just sort of the things we hold around with us and we sort of feel shame surrounding them,” Tobin said “This is our way of being like ‘let’s purge them, let’s put them out there’ and it feels pretty great.”

The cohost said when she released her own confessions, she found it to be cleansing and believed this would help others too.

“I know that once this book gets into the hands of other people there are going to be people out there who are going to say ‘oh my gosh, me too. I felt this way too,'” she said.

It’s been a very busy year for Tobin as she welcomed a baby boy named Ford earlier this year via surrogate.

The new mom has also partnered with Owlet, a “smart” baby monitoring system.

“All of my friends who have had babies years ago say that I’m very spoiled because I have technology like Owlet,” she explained. “It’s this little dream sock that goes around his foot and a camera that comes with it, and what it is it’s basically all the sleep indicators.”

“It’s heartrate, it’s average oxygen rate, it’s the number of times he wakes up in the night,” she explained. “I’m able to look at the app and see when that happens.”

For more information on the Owlet baby monitor, head over to owletcare.com.

For more on the “Lady Gang” podcast, tour, and new book head to theladygang.com.