Lynette Wright will be riding alongside her husband Dave in this year’s MS Bay to Bay ride. All it took was some hope, love, and support from her family and new technology.

Over 35 years ago, the Huntington Beach resident was diagnosed with MS. She thought she would never ride a bike again.

“I didn’t even know was it was,” she said when she was given the news by doctors in 1986.

“We did a lot of soul-searching and faith helped,” Dave Wright, Lynette’s husband said. “It was just a scary time for us.”

They both learned that MS can be unpredictable. Symptoms include fatigue, memory problems, and even paralysis.

For Dave, just accepting the diagnosis was not an option, he wanted to do something. He got involved in the annual MS ride from Irvine to San Diego to raise money for a cure and to help people suffering from the disease.

The couple’s two adult sons and their families joined in too and did it for years. However, Lynette could only sit on the sidelines and cheer- until just a few years ago.

One of their sons did some research and found a bike that would be perfect for her.

The $10,000 bike works as a tandem and is made by the German company, Hase. The family trekked to Sacramento, the brand’s nearest dealer, to test it out.

“We got it and it took us a while to get comfortable on it, to be able to go on the streets and be in a group of people, but eventually we worked up to it,” Dave explained. “It’s worked out well. It’s really changed her life.”

Since 2019, Lynette is no longer just watching and rooting for her husband and sons- she’s riding too. She’s a part of the team Spokes for Hope.

“The very first time we went across the finish line, we were all in tears that she was a part of it with us,” Dave said. “It just meant so much. Our family comes for it. Little grandkids at the finish line and to see their grandma come across, is really cool.”

While Lynette doesn’t ride the entire race, she still appreciates that she gets to ride a portion of the route.

“That is a big deal to me, to get to do that,” she emotionally explained.

If you think Lynette’s story is uplifting, you’re not the only one. Last year she was given the award for Most Inspirational Rider.

“I feel a part of the team,” she said. “I feel like I’m helping work towards the progress of finding a cure.”

For about 25 years, KTLA’s Sam Rubin and Eric Spillman have taken part in the annual ride, which starts in Orange County and ends in San Diego. If you want to learn more, or support the cause and your KTLA team, head here.

Bike MS is the largest fundraising cycling series in the world with nearly 75,000 cyclists participating each year, including this weekend’s ride.

This year’s ride begins on Oct. 15 in Irvine and ends in Carlsbad.

The second day is on Oct. 16 and takes riders uphill through Torrey Pines and ends in San Diego.