Billy Porter has a long resume in show business, and he’s showing that off for his first-ever career-spanning concert tour with “Black Mona Lisa.”

The “Pose” actor decided to embark on this project because “music is the original gift,” he told KTLA 5’s Dayna Devon.

At just 5 years old, Porter began his singing career while singing in the church choir.

“One of my biggest dreams was to be the male Whitney Houston,” he revealed. “I actually got a chance to play a role that she played in ‘Cinderella.'”

This tour also marks a second chance for the Emmy Award winner.

Back in 1997, he came out with his first R&B album but said things didn’t work out because the “business was very homophobic at the time.”

“Now I get to come back and have a second chance to the mainstream music industry, on my own terms,” he said. “It’s been a magical journey, a magical experience. I am so excited to share this with the world.”

He said came up with the name “Black Mona Lisa” while in a writing session for his upcoming album, which also has that title.

“I don’t even remember where ‘Black Mona Lisa’ came from but when it entered the space, when it fell out of the sky, the whole room went silent. It was like ‘ah, we got it,'” he said. “What I love about the title is it encompasses who I am, the Mona Lisa is the past, the present and the future. She always has been and always will be relevant.”

When it comes to the tour, Porter hopes it can help heal audience members.

“My goal with this show is to give the world a big bear hug. We’ve all been in a collective trauma, and we’re still in the middle of it right now, and healing needs to take place,” he explained. “That only happens when we come together. We’re out of the house now. We’re back in person, and we get to love each other. Love always wins.”

Porter’s “Black Mona Lisa” tour comes to the Hollywood Pantages Theatre on May 6. Tickets are available at

To win a chance to two upfront tickets to the show, text “dancer” to 515151.

His “Black Mona Lisa” album is due out later this year.