Bobbi Brown may have sold her eponymous makeup line, but there’s no stopping her.

At 62-years-old, she’s become a TikTok sensation with her advice on makeup and life. Some have even gone viral.

The makeup artist has been in the beauty game for decades, and one thing she’s noticed-people are packing on too much makeup. “On TV you need to do it for the lights,” she explained. “For most of us, I think we look better with a little bit of makeup.”

She touted her newest beauty line, Jones Road Beauty, for enhancing the beauty in people without having to cake on too much product. The line has been around for about two years.

“It will kind of make you look better,” she said. “It’s just formulas that are easy to use that you put on and for guys- moisturizer, sunscreen moisturizer, lip balm is all you need.”

While starting over with a new line may seem daunting to some, Brown has totally embraced it.

“It’s easier because I have years of experience,” the entrepreneur said. “I have a lot of knowledge of what to do, but I also have the knowledge of what not to do. So, this is a very different company. It’s direct to consumer. There’s one store in my hometown of Montclair, New Jersey.”

Brown isn’t stopping at makeup, she’s also taking on the world of podcasting.

Her show “The Important Things” with Anjali Kumar is already in its 2nd Season and pushes listeners to “lead a life of fulfillment.”

Brown listed the important things as, “how you live your life, how you feel about yourself, how comfortable you feel in your skin.”

“Mostly I want people to listen to ‘The Important Things’ and just get little things to help people improve their lives,” she further explained. “It could be as simple as finding the right bra, you know, that I talked to one of my celebrity guests how challenging it is or t-shirt or can you really eat bread?”

Brown said she’s learned a lot from her celebrity clientele over the years, and there’s just no stopping her curiosity of things.

She did reveal what she’s experienced all those years applying makeup on some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

“You hear a lot because you see people at their most vulnerable,” she revealed. “As a makeup artist I’ve been called to people’s hotel rooms, to their bedrooms with their boyfriends sleeping on the couch. Some famous female athlete with some guy she was dating, and he was like laying on the couch, hadn’t gotten up yet, and I’m doing her makeup there.”

“The Important Things” is out now and new episodes drop every Wednesday.