Brett Kissel is a Canadian artist that is climbing the charts at the moment and we talked to this platinum artist about his new single, family living and where he wants his career to go.

Kissel has paired with the pop band 98 Degrees to collaborate on his new hit single “Ain’t the Same.” With in no time from being in studio to open communication and this mash up has made a hit record. Apart from their musical ties Kissel and the pop band have more things then just music in common, they also like to bring their families together and make their music a family filled event.

Even though the country artist is Canadian made he states the dream is to migrate over to none other then Nashville, the city to make it big in the country music industry.

Brett’s new single, “Ain’t the Same’ is available now.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Aug. 9, 2022