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He stole our hearts as David Silver in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” but in his new role in “Last the Night,” Brian Austin Green is giving us the creeps.

“It’s a really interesting story, I think. It takes place during the pandemic. It’s just a really good example of someone being alone and not having people around them during the time when they could use a voice of reason in a situation,” Green explained. “He just sort of goes off the deep end with life catching up to him and he just makes choices, I think somebody positive in his life, would steer him clear of.”

“Don’t watch with your kids,” he warned.

Green would know what is appropriate for the little ones, seeing as he just welcomed baby number five with girlfriend Sharna Burgess.

Green has three children with ex-wife, Megan Fox and another with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil.

The newborn boy, named Zane, is already so loved by his siblings. “They absolutely adore him,” the actor said. “They’re obsessed with him.”

Picking out baby names is no easy task, but Green credits his partners for their creativity.

“Luckily, Megan was really good at picking names and Sharna is amazing,” he said. “We battled between Zane and Walker, and she won.”

While it’s been over 20 years since “90210” last aired on television, the show still has relevance in pop-culture today. The show has garnered a whole new audience among Gen-Z.

When it comes to the hit series, there are some things Green misses about it.

“I think I just miss the family experience of it. You spend 10 years with people doing something. You create a really amazing bond,” he explained. “There are bonds that work really well with some people. There are ones that are tougher to deal with and honestly I miss all of them. It was an amazing 10 year experience and most people can’t say that they’ve had that. I’m lucky enough to say that I have.”

“Last the Night” is in select theaters now and you can stream it on Prime Video.