For over three decades Bruce Bozzi managed his family’s high-end restaurant, The Palm.

He’s now utilizing his 35 years of experience in the highest end of the service industry in a new podcast called “Dinner for Two,” where his illustrious guests range from Scarlett Johansson and Andy Cohen to Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

While these are A-listers to us, to Bozzi they’re just his friends.

The Mujen spirits founder decided to take his talents to a podcast because he enjoyed people and conversations with practically everybody.

“The dining experience is one thing, but it’s making people feel comfortable, it’s connecting with people,” he explained to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “You have to like people!”

“Being Italian-American and from New York, everything in my life and in my family always happened around a kitchen table. I really believe in the romance of a meal, hence ‘Table for Two’ birthed and it’s been pretty great,” he continued.

Bozzi said the podcast is about “generosity, curiosity and coming together.”

While there are mics on the table to record the conversation, he explained how the basis is “what we all do when we have a meal with somebody,” where you “laugh and talk and reveal things.”

Bozzi, who is married to Hollywood talent agent Bryan Lourd, has a list of more stars he’d like to feature on his show in the future.

“The Vice President and Second Gentleman. I would love to sit with them,” he revealed. “Lil Nas X, I’m really a fan of his work.”

The “Table for Two” podcast is out now wherever you get your podcasts.