Hollywood power couple Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung stay booked and busy, regardless of having two-year-old twins.

Greenburg is currently working on a film called “Junction” about the opioid epidemic, which he stars in as well as writes and directs. The project stars Sophia Bush, Greenberg’s wife Jamie Chung, and Michaela Conlin. It’s set to be released next year.

“It follows three different stories. A CEO of a pharmaceutical company, a doctor who is essentially running a pill mill, and a patient who went in for routine back surgery and five years later finds himself on death’s door,” Greenberg explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “I want to look at the moral compromises that people make, in order for us to all be in this huge crisis.”

Chung’s schedule is pretty packed as well. She’s got a lot of animated projects in the works.

“One, in particular, that’s coming out on Feb. 9, is called ‘My dad, The Bounty Hunter’ and that will be available on Netflix,” she revealed. “I also have a wonderful movie called “The Reunion with a very talented cast and that comes out sometime next year.”

The couple, who have been married for seven years, still find time to take a much-needed break. Just look at their respective social media pages!

So, what’s the secret to a lasting marriage in Hollywood? The “One Tree Hill” actor said “patience.”

“We’re working on that,” Chung clarified.

Greenberg continued to explain how “keeping your individuality” is also important. “Make sure you have your own life and your whole identity isn’t wrapped up in the other person you can still own things.”

This Thanksgiving they’ll be celebrating with their toddler twins.

“(They’re) at an age where they can sit at the table with us and eat their food and spread it,” the “Real World: San Diego” alum laughed.