Charlamagne Tha God isn’t one to bite his tongue, and he doesn’t want guests on his late-night talk show, “Hell of a Week” to either.

“You cannot have a platform — an opinion-based platform — and be afraid about what other people are going to think about your opinion,” he explained. “That’s the point of having an opinion. You’re going to know that some people are going to agree, some people are going to disagree, some people won’t even care! But you know everyone is so focused on the people who are going to disagree they are afraid to even say anything.”

However when it comes to jokes, the South Carolina native believes it all depends on the place it’s coming from.

“I think intention matters,” the “Breakfast Club” cohost further explained. “I think, even if your intention is to just make people laugh and you do say something that upsets someone, it’s up to you, whether or not, you choose to apologize and move on from that.”

If one thing is for certain, no matter what Charlamagne says, it always ends up in the news.

“Sometimes I look at those headlines and I’ll be like ‘Why is that a headline? I didn’t think that was, you know, anything,'” he laughed. “I actually think some of that stuff is common sense. I’m just stating the obvious. I guess in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

Recently while on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the radio host called for media personalities to stop asking questions and start demanding change.

“I think journalism can be activism,” he explained. “I think even right now in media, there aren’t people speaking to the urgency of what we are facing, you know- here in America right now.”

“Right now it’s all the midterms like, ‘vote, vote, vote,’ and yes, I’m going to vote. But man, when we’re in a country where rights are actually being stripped away,” he said. “It’s not really political no more. Like, we’re actually at war in a sense. When actual rights are being stripped away- we’re at war.”

“Hell of a Week” premiers at 11:30 p.m. Thursday on Comedy Central, right after “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”