The members of Chase Atlantic got their start just like any band out there-at home.

“We formed about eight years ago. We started making music in the bedroom, as it classically starts out, and then kind of worked our way up from there” explained band member Mitchel Cave on KTLA 5 Morning News. “They say seven years makes a life-long friendship. Eight years deep, so, I think we’re good to go.”

The pop band is currently on tour, and they tell KTLA that the live experience definitely differs from what they do in the studio.

“It’s definitely more of a rock show, with a great drummer and bass guitarist,” the band told KTLA.

The band is slated to play at the YouTube Theater on Aug. 26. They’re excited to be able to perform at the new venue after taking time away due to the pandemic. They also have a special place in their heart for YouTube, as they loaded some of their first songs to the platform.

“Video did kill the radio star,” bandmate Clinton Cave explained.

For tickets and information on Chase Atlantic’s upcoming show, head here.