Country singer Chase Rice has quite the resume.

He got second place in Season 21 of “Survivor,” he was a part of the Hendricks Motorsports pit crew and a linebacker at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

An injury sidelined the “Ready Set Roll” singer’s chances at heading to the NFL, so that same year he learned to play the guitar. A little while after that he started writing songs around the time his father passed away.

He credited the experience of “Survivor” for helping him get the money to make the move to Nashville and pursue his dream career in country music.

His late father’s photo is featured on the cover of his upcoming album titled “I Hate Cowboys and All Dogs Go To Hell.”

“That’s my dad, he’s as iconic as they could be,” he explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin.”

Rice acknowledged that his album’s title is “crazy,” but said the music goes back to just him and the acoustic guitar- the kind his dad taught him about.

Just to be clear, the “Eyes on You” singer doesn’t have any beef with the cowboys even though he has a single called “I Hate Cowboys.”

“I don’t really hate cowboys, they just beat you at your own game,” he laughed. “‘All Dogs Go To Hell’ is just a web of lies leading to all these different things that are not true.”

Fans can preorder Rice’s new album here.

“I Hate Cowboys and All Dogs Go To Hell” will be available everywhere on Feb. 10.