Chris Isaak is channeling Chris Kringle for his new holiday album, “Everybody Knows It’s Christmas,” and he has the slower-paced days of the pandemic to thank.

“I had watched the entire ‘Andy of Mayberry’ reruns. I was locked in the house and I thought ‘I’ve got to get my band together and do something.’ I love Christmas music and this was a perfect project,” he explained to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News.

From there, Isaak went to Dave Cobb’s RCA studio in Nashville and began recording. Cobb already had a Christmas tree in the studio left by legendary country folk singer John Prine.

However, Prine wasn’t recording a holiday album – he just liked the tree’s vibe.

As for the album’s artwork, it features Isaak’s pup, Jack. It turns out, the pup tends to go wherever the “Wicked Game” singer goes.

“He is the friendliest dog. He loves everybody. He’s not much of a watchdog because he would invite anybody in,” he laughed.

The Stockton native has taken his Christmas show on the road, but don’t worry- he’ll also play some of his hits.

“We have Christmas trees up. It’s decorated Christmas style and we play Christmas songs,” he explained. “But I’m smart enough to realize that people come in and ask ‘Is he just playing Christmas songs? Are you gonna play the good ones?'”

The crooner is also set to perform as part of KTLA’s New Year’s Eve program as well.

However, he didn’t reveal what songs he’ll be performing.

“Everybody Knows It’s Christmas” is available wherever you get your music.