Many know Christina Milian as a singer, actress and songwriter. However, some may not realize she’s the co-founder of L.A.’s Beignet Box.

Milian and her best friend, Elizabeth Morris, started the venture in 2019 in Baton Rouge and then brought it to Los Angeles since the Louisiana treat was hard to come by in the region.

“So far it’s been a hit,” Milian said. “We have a kiosk in Glendale, we have the Studio City café as well as the [food] truck.”

When it comes to the pastry, Milian is just a huge fan. “I think I’m just obsessed, our entire family’s obsessed,” she confessed. “When you try our beignets, you’ll understand.” She also likes its versatility because you can enjoy it from a.m. to p.m..

To add to the delight’s sweetness, Beignet Box is collaborating with the California Strawberry Commission to create the strawberry shortcake beignet.

The results are a beautiful duet. “It’s the perfect mash-up,” she explained. “It’s literally strawberry season, one of the best times of the year. So we thought, what a great way to bring the sweet treats together.”

Each of the flakey fried dough delicacies are filled with a fresh strawberry filling and topped with a cream cheese icing and powdered sugar.

You can find the Beignet Box in Studio City and at the Americana at Brand.

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