The day has finally come.

Twitter has started removing blue check marks from former verified accounts if they have not paid for a subscription.

At this point, nobody is safe.

That includes Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Not even The Pope.

The subscription, Twitter CEO Elon Musk, is promoting is called Twitter Blue, which costs users $84 a year, which includes the check mark.

“SO what do we all do now!!!!! ????” questioned Henry Winkler after his verification was removed.

While there was no context to his tweet, he was saying what we all were thinking.

“No blue checkmark? Okay, we’ll settle this the old-fashioned way,” Lynda Carter tweeted alongside a gif of her as Wonder Woman.

Ciara said her fans were going to keep up with her regardless of the symbol.

“Blue check or no check… I know my fans still checkin,” the “Level Up” singer tweeted.

“Check gone but the checks still coming,” tweeted Los Angeles rapper, The Game.

For those that are actually paying for the blue checkmark, English DJ Samantha Ronson had this to say: “Kinda funny that the only people with blue checks left are the people corny enough to pay for it,” she tweeted.

However, Ice T found the entire drama to be ridiculous.

“The fact that we’re even discussing Blue check marks is a Sad moment in society,” he typed.