It’s no secret the entire cast of the Netflix hit “Cobra Kai” is tough, but who is the toughest?

According to Xolo Maridueña, who plays Miguel, it’s one person.

“Based purely on will to win, I think Jacob Bertrand, who is Hawk on the show,” Maridueña confessed. “He has a sense of determination that I’ve seen in nobody else, aside from actual UFC fighters.”

The actor said there’s a running joke onset of Bertrand’s mental toughness.

“I used to joke around and say, ‘I could break both of his arms and he’d still beat me because he’s crazy,'” he joked. “He’s the only guy for the role.”

The series is headed into its fifth season, and while Maridueña wouldn’t reveal any spoilers, he did have a message for fans.

“If we know anything about ‘Cobra Kai,’ it’s to expect the unexpected,” he revealed.

Besides being a karate kid, Maridueña has joined the DC Universe.

He’s been cast to play Jamie Reyes, also known as the Blue Beetle. It’s the first DC film to be centered around a Latino superhero.

Maridueña praised the film’s cast, crew, director and writer and is elated to be involved in the project.

“This is such an important project for me,” he explained. “It feels good to be able to represent not only Latinos but people of color as a whole. I’m really excited for this movie to come out already.”

Season 5 of “Cobra Kai” premieres globally on Sept. 9 only on Netflix.