You know him from shows like “Arrow,” “Teen Wolf,” and “American Horror Story,” but now he’s getting candid about his real life.

Actor Colton Haynes isn’t holding back from sharing his struggles with addiction and his road to sobriety. His new memoir “Miss Memory Lane” is being called “brutally honest,” and reveals the moment he hit rock-bottom. Haynes credits his memoir for aiding in his recovery.

“Through writing this book I really helped find my way back to myself,” he explained. “I just feel so lucky.”

“I tend to be a person who craves love and attention, and then runs away from it,” he said. “But now I have a family who understands me and understands the struggles it really takes to get and to stay sober.”

As for his book, he’s hoping his memories can be useful and help those in a similar situation.

“I wanted to take these chapters of my life, which were very intense, and put them on a shelf per se, and that way I can create new chapters for myself,” he explained.

Haynes is also letting his fans know the other side of him, by sharing old home movies to Instagram. The posts show Haynes when he was just a kid growing up in the Midwest, before the bright lights of Hollywood.

“I’m trying to find my way back to that kid who I was, who really just had an immense joy, and who wasn’t bogged down by a lot of things,” he explained. “I’m on my way there.”

Haynes’ memoir “Miss Memory Lane” is available wherever books are sold. His book tour stops at “Book Soup” tonight at 6 p.m. in Hollywood. For details, head to