Exactly one year after captivating an audience of pandemic-weary watchers with his claustrophobic Netflix special, “Bo Burnham: Inside,” comedian and filmmaker Bo Burnham has released more Content.

Burnham teased a special announcement on social media Monday with a tweet that read only, “stand by…”

Minutes later, the comedian filled in fans with what he was working on: a 60-minute special comprised of songs, skits and behind-the-scenes snippets that were left on the cutting room floor and were not part of his critically acclaimed 2021 special.

Entitled “The Inside Outtakes,” the pseudo sequel acts as both a “making-of” and a wholly original production that was pieced together over the last several months by Burnham himself, who wrote, performed, directed and edited the original Emmy and Grammy winning special.

Rather than publishing the new video to Netflix, Burnham returned to the place that served as the original launchpad for his career in comedy: YouTube.

Burnham burst onto the comedy scene as a teenager after videos of him performing original comedic songs were discovered by Millennials on the burgeoning social media platform.

In “The Inside Outtakes,” Burnham further analyzes the videos that made him famous and the shame he feels for building a career on content that he feels hasn’t aged well, a topic he touches on briefly in the “Bo Burnham: Inside.”

The new show follows a looser format than “Inside,” with a more random narrative flow. But fans of the critically acclaimed 2021 special will find a lot to enjoy in the new work, including alternate versions of some beloved songs, two additions to the cast list and new renditions of the electronic dance music inspired songs that poke fun at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. There’s also some comic book-inspired post-credits stingers that you’ll definitely want to stick around for.

“The Inside Outtakes” is chaotic and weird and stupid and hilarious. It’s a perfect spiritual successor to Bo Burnham’s 2021 film that brought him back into the spotlight and introduced him to a whole new generation of fans.

It’s good to hear from you again so soon, Bo. Hope you’re doing well.

To watch The Inside Outtake, click here.