Comedian Jeff Ross is the “Master of Roasts” and he didn’t hold back when he realized Sam Rubin was absent from the KTLA 5 Morning News.

“Where’s Sam? Is he back at journalism school finally?” Ross joked with our morning team.

When KTLA’s Samantha Cortese revealed Sam was on a shoot at Disneyland, the burns kept coming.

“Is he one of the characters?” he asked. “I didn’t know they had a Smelly and a Goofy!”

When it comes to being on the receiving end of a comedic roast, you’ve got to be a good sport.

“I only roast people I love and have affection for and who I respect,” Ross revealed.

When it comes to those who didn’t take it well, Ross continued with the zingers.

“One time Bea Arthur held me down and beat the heck out of me,” he laughed.

Ross will be a part of the first annual Catalina Comedy Island on Catalina Island, and he plans on roasting members of the audience during his set.

“If you think you have thick skin, volunteer during our Bumping Mics Show,” the funnyman urged attendees.

Catalina Comedy Island takes places on Sept. 9 and 10.

Ross will take the stage with his buddy David Attell after Michelle Wolf on Sept. 9. His friend Dana Carvey and company will do standup on Sept. 10.

For information and tickets, head here.