Constance Wu and Anna Camp are two A-list stars who have joined together to face some supernatural forces on a funny and chilling new stageplay here in Los Angeles.

The pair actually knew each other before coming together for the production and had been looking forward to doing a project at some point in time.

“I was very excited to finally get to work together,” Camp revealed to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin.

While the two have had success in front of the camera, nothing compares to being on the stage.

“Theater, it’s just the text and the actors and the directors. It’s just pure acting. It’s alive and it’s so fun,” Wu exclaimed.

The play touches on various genres.

It’s a thriller with a ghost but also touches on relationships and societal issues.

“We’re discussing politics and gentrification, but it’s also very scary and it’s also very funny,” Camp explained. “There’s a lot of humor in this and there’s a lot of heartbreak. So we encompass a lot of things in the very fast runtime. It’s two hours, but it flies by.”

“Our costar Finn Wittrock said it’s a cross between the sitcom ‘Friends’ and ‘The Shining’ so it’s ‘The Flining,'” joked Wu.

You can see both stars in “2:22- A Ghost Story.” For tickets and information head here.

The production is playing now through Dec. 4 at the Ahmanson Theatre in Downtown L.A.