CBS television’s “Beyond the Edge” takes nine celebrities to the jungles of Panama. While many people aren’t necessarily equipped for the experience, for country star Craig Morgan it was a form of stress relief.

Prior to hitting the music scene, Morgan spent 17 years with the United States Army. It turns out, during his time serving our country, he spent time in Panama.

“I was there in 1989 for the ousting of Manuel Antonio Noriega, part of Operation Just Cause,” explained Morgan. “I had a particular skillset, when you think about that area. Things that took place for us in the jungle, I was already aware of a lot of those things.”

While moving celebrities from the lap of luxury to the jungle doesn’t seem ideal, Morgan was surprised by how some of his fellow contestants were game for the challenge. “I was pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm,” Morgan explained. “They’re in an environment that they’re not comfortable with and yet they all pressed forward. It was unbelievable.”

Now that Morgan is back at home in Tennessee, he won’t be staying put for long. He’s performing at the legendary Grand Ole Opry tonight as part of the annual “Salute the Troops” show.

“It’s extremely special because it’s an opportunity for us as the Grand Ole Opry to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

As we all enter the Memorial Day weekend, Morgan wants all of us to remember what the weekend is for. “When you go to the lake and you’re eating your grilled hotdog and having a beer, those are wonderful things, but never forget that we get to celebrate those freedoms because of the men and women that served and in particular those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.”

For more information on Morgan’s tour head here.

The National Memorial Day concert takes place Sunday May 29 at 8 p.m. on PBS.