Danica McKellar is best known for her role as Winnie Cooper in the late-’80s hit “The Wonder Years.”

She’s been able to catch the reimagined version airing now and she’s a fan.

“I think that they’ve done a terrific job honoring the story of telling the childhood experience really from the point of view from the child,” she explained. “I think ‘The Wonder Years’ was really a pioneer in doing.”

McKellar’s focus these days is in educating children. Her latest book “Double Puppy Trouble” is her 11th math book and her goal is just to make math “fun and accessible.”

“I love math. Math is an incredible tool from being in control of your finances and really for sharpening your brain,” she exclaimed. “Math is a great brain sharpener, it’s like going to the gym for your brain.”

“It sneaks in a little bit of math,” McKellar said. “Kind of like putting ground up vegetables in brownies. So, they’re getting that fun association with math, or learning a little bit of math, and really- it’s helping to take down some of the math anxiety that we’ve been seeing building up over time especially because of the pandemic and kids not being in school in-person.”

McKellar’s enthusiasm for the subject doesn’t just exist for young kids. Her books even reach teens looking to brush up on their geometry skills.

She even tests out her tips and tricks on her own son, 11-year-old, Draco.

“I was actually teaching him multiplication and division as I was writing the book,” the “Crown for Christmas” actress said. “I could literally test things on him.”

Danica’s new book “Double Puppy Trouble” is out everywhere now. For more information head here.