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He’s a writer, an actor, a director and a musician. David Duchovny can seem to do it all.

His latest project is a book titled “The Reservoir” and it’s described as a “rom-com with a twist.” He said the concept came to him during the lockdown period of the coronavirus pandemic. He described it as “Rear Window” meets “Death in Venice.”

“I was in New York, and I had this amazing view that kept me sane, of the reservoir and I would take these time-lapse photos of the sunrises over it,” he explained. “I thought to conceive a character, who in his loneliness, sees flashing lights up there on 5th Avenue and thinks of it as a Morse code of a damsel in distress trying to reach him.”

Duchovny said once the idea came to him, he started taking pen to paper quickly and finished the project in about two to three weeks. “I don’t have lots of ideas, but when I have an idea, I tend to go at it fast,” he said.

With a new book comes a book tour where the actor can actually have person-to-person contact again with his fans. While the concept seems “kind of new again,” he said he is excited to be back in a room full of people.

The New York Times best-selling author said he took up another hobby while hunkering down at home.

“I took up cooking, and I don’t love it,” he explained. “And, I’m not good at it!”

“The Reservoir” hits bookstores Tuesday

Duchovny will be signing copies of “The Reservoir” tonight at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove.

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