David Krumholtz is best known as Bernard the head elf from “The Santa Clause” trilogy, but he’s returned to the theater stage after three decades.

He is currently in New York working on the Broadway play “Leopoldstadt,” which has been a smash hit.

“We’re kicking butt over here, it’s a pretty big deal,” he explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin.

The actor hasn’t been in an on-stage production in 30 years.

“Now that I’m doing it again, it hurts. It’s worth it because the play is beautiful,” he revealed. “It’s a really wonderful, beautiful play.”

Krumholtz also stars in the Disney+ series “The Santa Clauses,” where he reprises his role as the head elf after 20 years. The project was something he didn’t think would ever happen.

“The original movie, actually, the first two films, have stood the test of time, they’re still really popular and in a weird way, gaining popularity,” he said. “So, I’m not surprised that Disney+ decided to do the series. I’ve been watching it and it’s super heartwarming and lovely.”

He explained how the series differs from the movie as it’s a whole new chapter. It basically explains the story of the elves.

“It’s kind of like the origin story of Christmas. Where do these elves come from? Why are there elves? Why is there this magical being named Santa who can do all these magical things? The show finally answers those questions by combining its own mythology with the mythology that’s been established about Christmas and Santa Claus for hundreds of years.”

The holiday film isn’t the only movie he’s been in that held up its relevancy.

He also starred in the early ’90s film “Addams Family Values.”

Sam asked him if he’s caught an episode of Netflix’s new ‘Wednesday” series.

“I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet. It looks amazing. Anything Tim Burton does is amazing. I’m thrilled that they’re doing it. It’s another one of these movies that somehow stood the test of time,” he exclaimed.

New episodes of “The Santa Clauses” drop Wednesdays on Disney+.