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Denise Richards is the latest big name to join the popular subscription website OnlyFans.

The actress, model and reality star garnered headlines after joining the website within the past week, shortly after her teenage daughter, Sami Sheen. She said she did so to show support but to also own her own content on social media.

“My daughter got a lot of backlash for opening the account. I had heard of OnlyFans but I wasn’t educated on what OnlyFans was and once I started to learn about it, I really think that the creators of the site really took the best of every platform of social media and put it into one site,” she explained. “You own your content. The other sites, they can sell your content.”

“We all post pictures with ourselves with bathing suits on Instagram and some of the other sites that there’s no difference other than you actually own the content,” she went on to say.

For the Fourth of July, Richards rang in America’s birthday in a tiny patriotic bikini onto Instagram linking to her OnlyFans account in her caption. That was her first promotion for her content. She charges $25 per member.

As for her daughter, Richards says her response was “positive” following her mom opening up an account. “I thought ‘is that going to be a little odd?'” she questioned. “Then she said ‘we’re both on Instagram’ and I said ‘you’re right!'”

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star is also back on the set.

She stars in “Love Accidentally” alongside Brenda Song and Aaron O’Connell.

“Their characters are competing for a promotion, and there’s definitely a lot of tension between the two,” Richards explained. “They accidentally send each other a text where they don’t know that it’s them.”

“It’s a sweet, feel-good, romantic comedy,” she exclaimed.

“Love Accidentally” drops on Amazon Freevee on July 15.