Hollywood legend Diane Ladd is a decorated actress whose seven-decade-long career is still going strong.

Her latest project is a movie called “Isle of Hope” and it’s getting a lot of awards buzz. The film also stars Mary Stuart Masterson and Andrew McCarthy.

“There’s no car crash, bomb, rape, murder, violence, blood, or sex. So, it might be boring but on the other hand, it might be magnificent,” Ladd explained to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “The people that see it laugh, they cry.”

“We’ve only had three reviews so far and those reviewers gave us unbelievable reviews!”

The award-winning actress said that critics feel the film is much-needed as the world slowly reopens from the pandemic and gives people what they need most right now – hope.

“I’m concerned about mediocrity in some of our films, that they’re affecting our children,” she explained. “We need some good films. So, I was privileged to be a part of this one.”

Ladd’s daughter is Academy-Award-winning actress Laura Dern.

The mother and daughter once made history when they were both nominated for an Oscar in the same year. The honor came for the 1991 film “Rambling Rose.” Ladd said the movie was actually a favorite of Princess Diana.

While many would say that acting is in the blood, Ladd believes “it’s in the soul.”

“Maybe some in the genes,” she giggled.