After being nominated for an Academy Award 13 times, Diane Warren finally has her Oscar.

Just last month, Cher presented her with an honorary coveted gold statue. The statue currently sits atop her piano.

While she received the big honor, the Grammy and Emmy-winning songwriter has no plans on stopping. She’s created a new song for the independent film “Tell It Like a Woman.”

“It’s seven individual films by female directors and actresses from all over the world. So, the American ones like Jennifer Hudson, Eva Longoria – really powerful women’s stories,” she explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin.

Warren penned the song “Applause,” of which she’s very proud.

“It’s just a really empowering song, and Sophia Carson sings it. The interesting thing is when I got the call that I’m getting the Honorary Oscar, I was in the studio with (her) recording the song and the lyrics,” she revealed.

She noted the ironic moment as the song’s lyrics read “give yourself some applause. You deserve it. Give yourself some love. Respect because you’ve earned it.”

When it comes to being in the studio, Warren focuses on songwriting and leaves the production to the record producer. However, she did say she can be a bit of a “nitpicker” in the booth. She even revealed she’s been asked to leave a few times.

“Jennifer Hudson actually pushed me out of the studio,” she laughed. “In a nice way.”

When it comes to her creative process, she goes with her gut.

When she was working with Carson on “Applause,” she knew she had something as soon as she started to sing the song.

“Hearing her hit these notes at the end, I’m really proud of the song and proud of her performance of it and proud of being a part of this movie, too,” she gushed. “It’s a time when women’s rights are in question in a lot of places all over the world and this is such an empowering song for women.”

Warren’s song “Applause” with Sofia Carson is available everywhere now.