A different kind of crescendo highlighted a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony at the Los Angeles Philharmonic on Friday.

Those attending the symphony at Walt Disney Concert Hall reported hearing a woman in the audience moaning as if she were having an orgasm, the L.A. Times first reported.

Magnus Fiennes, a composer and music producer, was among the witnesses.

“A woman in the audience had loud and full body orgasm during the 5th’s second movement,” Fiennes tweeted. “(The) band politely carried on.”

Twitter user @LoneWolfTronCat posted a recording of the moaning.

Sharon Su, a classical pianist, tweeted that she checked with someone who works at the L.A. Phil and they “confirmed” the incident occurred.

But what exactly happened is still open to debate.

One audience member who was seated near the moaning woman offered this account:

“Pretty quickly, she sort of fell onto her partner’s shoulders, and then onto his lap. And then her body went limp,” the concertgoer, who requested anonymity, told The Times. “Maybe like five seconds later, she kind of awoke, and that’s when she let out a scream.”

Another attendee speculated that the woman was suffering from a medical condition or a “breakdown.”

Fiennes, however, stands by what he and those around him heard.

“Was in close proximity and had no less than 8 other friends coincidentally attending- all had reached a similar conclusion. She remained for the rest of the show, Her demeanour was in evidence. My corroborated take is merely an observation,” he wrote.