Elisabeth Rohm is a talented actress known for her many TV shows and movies, but in her latest film, “Girl in Room 13,” she put on her director hat and stepped behind the camera.

Rohm worked with and directed the late Anne Heche’s last movie. When Rohm was last on the KTLA Morning News last, the news had just broken about Heche’s condition and the director wished for her recovery.

Now she is back and talking about “Girl in Room 13” which is about to be released on Lifetime.

“You know, there really are no words and in consistent just disbelief that this is what happened. I only got to know Anne recently when we shot Girl in Room 13,” she explained. “She was a bright light, a professional, she gave the movie everything she had. I can’t speak for her family but knowing her for this small amount of time, I am devastated.”

“I really hope that people will support and honor her memory by seeing her last film,” Rohm said about Heche. “It was a privilege to direct her.”

The movie follows a woman who is kidnapped by her boyfriend, who takes her to a motel to traffic her, and the mother’s pursuit to rescue her daughter in under 10 days.

This story is inspired by true events and Heche cared deeply about topics like this, because she too was a victim of abuse in her childhood. Rohm revealed that Heche would come into work every day and say “We will not stand for abuse!”

Lifetime has a platform to help stop violence against women which the late actress was so proud to be in a partnership with.

“She was a beautiful soul and she was really proud of this film,” revealed the director. “We’re mourning her death, but we are celebrating her life in this beautiful work.”

“Girl in Room 13” premieres on Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. only on Lifetime.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Sept. 12, 2022.