Over the years, plastic surgery has gone from being a secret to an open conversation.

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher knows all about it. He’s been practicing for two decades and was an original surgeon and developer for ABC’s “Extreme Makeover.”

Going under the knife is a pretty serious decision and finding a good doctor is key. Fisher explained the best way to find one is by consulting with friends who may have had a similar procedure.

While cosmetic procedures have become the norm, some may take it too far. However, Fisher isn’t afraid to turn people away.

“I just do what I feel comfortable doing and I know my limits,” he explained. “I try to advise my patients as honestly as I can.”

A popular ask from patients is wanting to look like one of the Kardashians. While certain attributes may be attainable, Fisher said you’re not going to walk out of his office looking exactly like Kim, Khloe or Kourtney.

“If we could make everybody look like the Kardashians, there would be an assembly line in my office nonstop,” he said. “We can see the attributes that they like, and maybe try to guide them and, sometimes accomplish that. But it’s hard to make somebody look like somebody else.”

Fisher is tight with the reality star family and actually helped Khloe Kardashian when she was in a critical health situation.

Back in October, the Good American co-founder revealed she had a tumor removed from her face and that Fisher performed the procedure.

“Thank God she came in and got that taken care of. It was a very potentially lethal situation for her and she dealt with it admirably, just so maturely,” he said. “I’m just glad that that was handled.”

His work on Kardashian proved that plastic surgery is more than just breast augmentation and facelifts.

“We take care of burn reconstruction to cranial facial anomalies, different things.”

As for the most popular procedures right now, Fisher said it’s injectables, breast augmentations and liposuction.

Botox has been a hot commodity for years, as many have leaned into the injectable as a preventative measure.

“I think if you do it preventatively, it definitely decreases the wrinkles that you’re going to get, ” he explained. “Yes on Botox if you really care about wrinkles. If you don’t care about wrinkles, I wouldn’t waste my money on it.”