Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s journey to playing DC’s “Black Adam” has been 15 years in the making.

When the Zoa Energy co-founder finally saw his passion project on the big screen, he was simply blown away.

“I’ve reached a point in my life where there’s not a lot of stuff that blows me away, but this really blew me away because it’s been really hard work,” he explained to KTLA 5’s Lawrence Zarian. “I’ve pushed and fought for this thing for so long.”

In show business, where many projects get scrapped after losing interest, “Black Adam” was something Johnson continuously pushed for.

“This was always worth it,” he said about the film.

Johnson “paid the rent” in his iron paradise over the past year to prepare his physique for the role. However, when he first slipped on that padded suit- adjustments had to be made.

“Just imagine, my body and then put on a suit with muscle padding-I looked ridiculous. It was terrible,” the wrestler-turned-actor revealed. “It actually takes my muscles away and makes it look odd.”

The Teremana founder credited the costume designers for making a new suit out of thin lycra, sans padding, which is what the audience sees in the film.

With all this talk about costumes and supervillains, Lawrence couldn’t help but get in the mix. He asked the “Jumanji” star to pick out his own supervillain name and superpower.

“Your character would be Mr. Blue because of the suit,” he said noting Lawrence’s ensemble. “Superpower: personality.”

“You might die within the first two minutes when the other supervillains come because you actually don’t have a superpower to protect yourself,” he cheekily explained. “But you have a hell of a personality. When you do die, the supervillains are going to go ‘you know what? that guy had a good personality.'”

Of course, the exchange was in jest and the two hugged it out for good measure.

“Black Adam” hits theaters on Friday.