Elizabeth Hurley doesn’t seem to age a day.

The English actress and model looks almost exactly the same as she did when she appeared in the “Austin Powers” movie in the late ’90s.

She revealed to KTLA 5’s Dayna Devon her secret for retaining her youthful appearance – and it’s not about just drinking water and eating salmon.

“I’m a really bad water drinker, I have almost no sleep, and I don’t particularly like salmon. I think I’m quite happy, and I think that makes a difference. Quite happy, quite busy, and really love what I do. And, I’m quite a nice person,” she explained.

Hurley has been busy at work making the holiday romantic comedy “Christmas in the Caribbean,” which steers away from the typical holiday movie that consists of snow and Christmas carols.

“It’s a banana daiquiri, some sea, and sand Christmas rather than Christmas crackers, and a big fat turkey,” she laughed.

The movie follows a woman who was “jilted at the altar by the person she finally thinks she’s going to marry.” She then takes her bridesmaids, on what would have been her honeymoon, to the Caribbean. On the trip she meets a handsome restaurateur and widower and sparks fly.

“This is a movie for people who fear that they might never find their missing puzzle piece,” Hurley explained.

The film also explores if love at first sight really exists, to which Hurley believes it does.

“I think the few big loves of my life. I think I’ve known it at first meeting,” she revealed.

“Christmas in the Caribbean” is available to watch now in select theaters and on-demand.