A new Western is coming to a streaming service near you. No, we’re not talking about another “Yellowstone” spinoff.

It’s Prime Video’s “The English,” which stars award-winning actress Emily Blunt alongside actor Chaske Spencer of “The Twilight Saga.”

“It’s an action-adventure romantic story that takes place in early America following Cornelia and Eli on a journey of revenge,” Chaske explained of the drama series.

Shooting a Western is no easy task considering the weather and period costumes. Keep in mind Blunt is shooting most of the series in a corset.

“The corset comes with its own set of rules,” she laughed. “The heat was oppressive at times. It was so dusty and so hot, but I like it. I like that you get to kind of play within those elements. They do transport you. They make a huge difference.”

The “Devil Wears Prada” actress feels the entire experience plays better for the audience.

“I know you can see it on the screen and so I’ll take that dusty old sandbox over the green screen any day,” she reasoned. “That’s part of shooting a Western. You’re exposed and assaulted by the elements. It kind of comes with the territory.”

“The English” is streaming now on Prime Video and BBC Two.