Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert created a lot of buzz this past awards season for their Oscar-winning film “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

However, earning the coveted award did not prevent them from standing in solidarity with their peers who were protesting outside of Netflix’s Hollywood lot on Sunset Boulevard as part of the Writers Guild of America WGA strike.

Both men are a part of the Guild.

“We’re striking man,” Scheinert told KTLA 5 News. “We’re members of the Writers Guild, proud members, and it didn’t lead to a fair deal and we’re hoping it does soon.”

“The Daniels,” as they’re known, stood by the many protestors as they entered Day 2 of the demonstrations.

While there is some concern as to how long the strike will last, Kwan said he planned to protest no matter how long it takes.

“In the greater context, this is a story that’s happening all around the country. Every single state. Every single city. The story goes: corporate profits are soaring, and wages and salaries are stagnating. The cost of living is going up, there’s a housing crisis, especially here in L.A.,” Kwan said. “When we’re standing here, we’re standing with the teachers who were striking, we’re standing with the Starbucks workers who have been unionizing for the first time, the Amazon workers, who kind of kickstarted this whole modern labor movement.”

The duo even made sure those on the picket lines were well-fed, by stopping by a nearby Arby’s to grab some snacks for them.

This is the first WGA strike in more than 10 years with more than 11,000 television and film writers walking off the job.   

Writers are pushing for better base pay and an increase in residual money, saying that half of all writers are currently earning scale – the bare minimum of their contract. They also want higher contributions to their pension plan and health fund.