Singer John Ondrasik is hopeful music can “permeate borders” when it comes to helping Ukraine.

He wants to hold a Live Aid-type concert “to let the Russian people know they are the pariahs in this, and we all have to come together,” he explained of his call to action. “I think the consequences are historic.”

Five for Fighting’s new song “Can One Man Save the World?” was inspired by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the people of Ukraine.

“I think we were all kind of taken aback when we offered him a plane ticket, and he said ‘Send me some stingers’ knowing very well that, likely, he and his family would be murdered in days,” Ondrasik explained on why he wrote the song. “I wrote ‘Can One Man Save the World?’ to kind of recognize the fortitude of the Ukrainian people.”

Ondrasik actually traveled to the country and recorded the song’s music video with the Ukrainian Orchestra directly from the battlefield. It was filmed at the Antonov Airport in front of the Mriya, the cargo plane destroyed by Russian forces.

“To see this orchestra play in front of that destroyed plane just symbolizes their fortitude and their strength and their courage of these people fighting for their survival,” the “Superman” singer explained.

While the journey seemed dangerous, it left him very grateful.

“You don’t sleep much there, but I kept thinking, ‘I get to leave, these people don’t. They’re fighting for their survival,'” he explained. “I wish every American could experience what I did. I think we take our freedoms for granted.”

Five for Fighting’s new single “Can One Man Save the World?” is available now wherever you get your music.