Actress Florence Pugh stars in the drama “A Good Person.”

The film is about a car accident that changes the lives of Pugh’s character Allison and Morgan Freeman’s character Daniel and their families.

“It’s about how the two families are sort of grieving separately because of the trauma of what’s happened. But through a series of circumstances, two of them are forced to come together,” Zach Braff explained to KTLA 5’s Olivia de Bortoli.

Braff wrote and directed the film and tailored the character for Pugh.

“The director that wrote it for me would have only written it if they knew that I could do it. Or if they knew that I was up for the challenge and that’s very cool,” Pugh explained. “It also takes a specific director, for me, to know that I trust that situation and I’m going into it knowing that I’m going to be held and supported throughout this whole experience. And that goes for everybody joining this movie that had to go on this journey.”

When it comes to what makes a good person, the “Don’t Worry Darling” star explained that she doesn’t think “a good person is made up of good and bad qualities.”

“For me, the biggest key to take away from this film is that you can do a bad thing and be a good person,” she revealed.

“A Good Person” is out in theaters now.