Flula Borg is a German dancer and social media personality turned movie and TV star.

While he’s found success in Los Angeles, we’ve learned he’s not a fan of the weather. He actually hates the sun and prefers these rainy days.

“Yes, I really dislike it deeply. I’m in the wrong location of the world,” he laughed to Dayna Devon on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “Fo’ shizzle my drizzles. I love this. It makes me very happy.”

While his disdain for the L.A. sunshine caught us by surprise, so did his physique for his role in “The Suicide Squad.”

“I had to eat zero sugars and lots of meats,” he revealed.

He disclosed that he opted out of using specific padding for his uniform in the film and opted to do squats instead.

“They said ,’You may need some buttocks pads to make your buttocks look more rumpus,’ and I said ‘No. I’m gonna do more squatsies,'” he cheekily said in reference to the workout.

The “Pitch Perfect 2” star is reprising his role in Peacock’s new spinoff series, “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin.” He reunites with his former costar Adam Devine for the series.

Borg called the project a “very exciting show,” and joked about how it has nothing to do with his former “Pitch Perfect” film.

“It’s like if you had a lasagna that you put in the closet and you forgot it exists and go back to the closet and it’s still there hot and fresh,” he quipped.

All six episodes of “Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin” are streaming now on Peacock.