Greg Grunberg reveals full-circle moment with Steven Spielberg

Greg Grunberg stars in Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg’s new film, “The Fablemans.” However, the two have a deep history together.

When Grunberg and his childhood friend, filmmaker J.J. Abrams, were just kids making movies on a Super 8 camera, they caught the attention of a member of Speilberg’s team, his former assistant Kathy Kennedy.

Kennedy, now a film executive, contacted the young Grunberg and Abrams after someone found old broken tapes at Spielberg’s childhood home in Arizona after it was sold. She knew the pair were talented and hired them to repair them.

Fast-forward to 2022, Grunberg now stars in the director’s new semi-autobiographical film “The Fablemans,” which is based on his adolescence in the Grand Canyon state.

Filmmaking is very close to the actor’s heart and he decided to combine that with another industry that means a lot to him- caregiving. He developed a web series called “The Care Giver.”

“I go across the country, and I meet other caregivers, and I take them for a day of care because when you’re on a plane you can’t help the person next to you unless you have your mask on first, right? So self-care is really important.”

The “Heroes” star has partnered with Jazz Pharmaceuticals, which is supporting the real series.

“These people are in my mind heroes because they’re so selfless and they need a pat on the back and no one wants it.”

The caregiver role is very important for Grunberg as his oldest son, Jake, has epilepsy. The actor said his son is doing well with the condition but that’s not the same for others.

“Jake’s a normal person, he’s a normal guy, except when he has a seizure, but he’s doing really well. But, other people have their challenges,” he explained.

Grunberg also has musical chops as well. He’s currently in the celebrity cover band called The Action Figures Band. The only piece criteria to join, besides being musically talented, is you must have an action figure.

Grunberg revealed he had “a few” most notably from his time on “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.”

The Action Figures Band is playing the L.A. Comic Con afterparty on Dec. 3 at the Mayan Theater in Downtown L.A.