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Step aside, Sherlock Holmes!

It’s the detective’s little sister’s time to shine again in Netflix’s sequel to “Enola Holmes.”

The film “Enola Holmes 2” stars Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes and Henry Cavill as her brother, the famous Sherlock Holmes.

When it comes to the sequel, fans will notice that Enola has grown up.

“It’s very much a dark film, even in the color palettes, it’s a darker film in whole and just showed that it’s matured,” Brown explained.

“Enola has now left home and in the real world, and in the real world you’ve got to grow up, especially in Victorian London,” Cavill revealed about the film’s plot. “There’s still very much youthful, fun energy to this whole ride but there’s that undercurrent of real-life stuff.”

At one point in the film, Cavill plays a drunk Sherlock. The actor revealed to KTLA 5’s Olivia de Bortoli what he’s like when he’s imbibed a bit.

“I’m kind of the guy looking after everyone after the drunkenness happens. I’m propping everyone into taxis and somehow that keeps me far more sober than everyone else,” he explained.

Cavill said he prepared for the scenes by mimicking people he knew, “I was definitely doing some impressions of people who I’ve been around when I was drunk acting. I think they know who they are.”

Recently the actor made headlines for his return to the role as “Superman,” something he’s looking forward to.

“It’s incredibly meaningful for me. I’m excited,” he gushed. “There are a lot of conversations to be had yet, a lot of plans to be made. I can’t wait to talk to everyone further down the line and share with everyone where this is going.”

“Enola Holmes 2” starts streaming on Netflix on Nov. 4.