It’s been decades since actors Christine Taylor and David Lascher worked on the “Bar None Dude Ranch,” for Nickelodeon’s western-themed teen sitcom “Hey Dude.”

Taylor and Lascher appeared in the series from when they were about 17 to when they were 19 during a time much different than today.

“We stayed in touch back then but there were no cellphones, no social media. A lot of the cast sort of lost touch. So we came back for a reunion about eight years ago,” Taylor explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin.

Now the pair are reliving all the 90s nostalgia for their podcast “Hey Dude… The 90s Called” with iHeartPodcasts. It’s a show about everything about the decade.

While the episodes are chock-fulled of blasts from the past, Lascher has big plans for the future.

“I would love to have someone from the Chicago Bulls. I’d love to dive into some of the movies, and some of the musicians. There was such great creative work being done then,” he said.

“It was the last decade before smartphones and social media distractions. So, I think the work that was done during the 90s meant a lot more because so many people were enjoying it together at the same time as opposed to now where it’s all fractured,” he continued.

“Hey Dude… The 90s Called” is available everywhere you get your podcasts.