Alexis Ren started her career path at the young age of 14.

She started out by taking ballet and made the transition to model to help out and support her family financially. Although the model accomplished what she set out to do, she continued to pursue her modeling career after finding her bearings in the industry.

“It just kept going and I just kept kind of following my curiosity with it,” said the model.

Not long after that, the model who turned actress began her acting career.

“Playing dress-up is wonderful, it’s a wonderful job but playing pretend in stories is how we sculpt our society today is through these movies and these narratives,” said Ren. “I wanted to be a part of creating stories that could help people interpret their own experience in the world or just entertain.”

The LA native didn’t take long to break into the entertainment industry. She has been on shows like “Dancing with the Stars” to being featured in The Chainsmoker’s music video and now she has landed a star-studded feature film “The Enforcer.”

The action thriller includes stars like Kate Bosworth, Antonio Banderas, and 2 Chainz that tell the story of a Miamis top mob enforcer.

The actress plays the love interest of one of the fighters.

“What I loved is being a part of the story of the love and giving that heart to the movie,” she explained.

“The Enforcer” will be out in select theaters and on-demand on Sept. 23.

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Sept. 19, 2022.