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Howie Mandel is a well-known germaphobe and he’s putting his expertise where the soap is!

The comedian has partnered with ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, for the campaign “Howie Clean It,” which teaches the public how to clean properly.

“Since the pandemic, and now the triple threat of flu and cold and RSV, we take clean for granted,” he revealed to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “This teaches people that cleanliness is actually a profession that I’ve been practicing my entire life.”

Among the many things, Mandel learned that it’s not enough to clean a table by using an antibacterial spray and wiping it down.

“If you read the instructions, if you spray it on the table you’re going to want to let it dwell for a couple of seconds in order to clear the bacteria,” he explained. “It’s just about teaching people what clean really is and how to clean.”

The “Little Monsters” star may have learned a little too much.

“I do know when things aren’t really clean. That’s why you’ve got to look for an ISSA sticker in a public place,” he said.

He joked that this campaign moved his “therapist into a new tax bracket.”

When he’s not digging for dirt, he’s helping find the next big star as a judge for “America’s Got Talent.” As a judge, he’s learned to just trust his instincts.

“My general thought is ‘I’m always right because it’s instinctual at the moment,'” he explained. “Talent is subjective. I may love something that you will hate. If it makes me feel good and I respond to it and I’m blown away by it, how could I be wrong? How could anybody be wrong?”

He credited the diverse backgrounds of all the judges, which provide unique perspectives for the contestants.

“On the panel, there is something for everybody. Simon is the boss and he’s the music mogul, Sofia has been in the business forever, Heidi is this great brilliant, not only a supermodel but a business person and brand ambassador,” he gushed about his colleagues.

Mandel had a brief stint hosting the Netflix gameshow “Bullsh*t.”

A common complaint from those working for a streamer is the lack of feedback and communication; however, that wasn’t the case for Mandel.

While he did receive feedback from executives, he prefers to see what the audience has to say about his performances.

“For me, it’s all about the public,” he said. “I’m more focused on my comments from social media than any network I work for.”