October is three months away and fans of the “Halloween” reboot are anxiously awaiting the franchise’s finale.

Rumors are swirling that the third installment, “Halloween Ends,” will be distinctive from the other two films. While Andi Matichak couldn’t divulge too many details, she did give some information.

“Personally, I absolutely love it,” the actress said. “It’s really David Gordon Green’s stamp on the franchise, for me, and I’m very grateful to be included in it.

In the reboot, Matichak plays Allyson, the granddaughter of Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie Strode. Judy Greer of “21 Dresses” starred in the first two movies as Curtis’ daughter, Karen. Matichak said the closeness of the three women on screen is very real.

“They’re incredible women,” she explained. “We’re very bummed that Miss Judy won’t be joining us for the third one, but we hopefully do her proud.”

While Michael Myers may be a fictional character, being on the set of one of the most famous horror films is a bit spooky.

“It’s still scary and it never gets old,” Matichak explained. “I think that we have such incredible filmmakers involved in it that everything is done really well. Like the practical effects are pretty incredible that Chris Nelson does and seeing that is always incredibly traumatizing.”

Matichak’s latest project steers away from the scary movie genre and leans heavily into the realities of war.

“Foxhole” follows five characters who take part in three separate wars: the Civil War, World War I and the war in Iraq.

“It’s kind of all about humanity and kind of what happens in these confined spaces hence the name ‘Foxhole,'” she explained. “Each presentation of war, these soldiers are in confined space that they have to grapple with morality and whatever they’re presented with.”

She revealed that the third war was shot completely in a Humvee.

“They basically put a big marquee tent- like a big wedding tent- and put the Humvee inside,” she explained.

“Foxhole” is now available on video on-demand on all streaming platforms.

“Halloween Ends” is set to hit theaters Oct. 14.