Isabella Rossellini was the face of Lancôme for years, but after she turned 40, things took a turn.

The cosmetics giant severed tied with the model/actress because of her age.

“Lancôme rationalized not renewing my contract saying, ‘women dream to be young.’ So being their representative as the model in the advertisement and being 42, I couldn’t really fulfill the dream. So, I had to leave,” she revealed.

However, 23 years later, she received a call she wasn’t expecting.

“They said, ‘we want you back. We made a mistake,'” she recalled. “I think it makes a difference that the CEO is now a woman, so she now understands more about the women’s way, and I’m back with Lancôme.”

The “Blue Velvet” actress acknowledged that the beauty industry has changed since then, along with their female customers and society as a whole.

Between the two stints with Lancôme, Rossellini said opportunities began to dwindle, so she went back to school and got her degree in animal behavior.

From there she began writing about animals, which turned into, what she called, “comical short-films.” With the encouragement of Robert Redford, she even submitted one of them to the Sundance Film Festival.

“Little by little, they evolved in becoming monologues,” she explained.

Her latest one, “Darwin’s Smile” combines her acting chops with her strong knowledge of animals.

“This monologue is about evolution, animals and acting!” the model said.

Catch Rossellini’s one-woman show “Darwin’s Smile” at The Luckman on Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. and Oct. 9 at 7 p.m.

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