Self-doubt, self-hatred and blame have no place on Iyanla Vanzant’s watch.

“The only relationship you ever have is the one you have with yourself,” the inspirational speaker explained. “So if you reject somebody, deny somebody. If you don’t like somebody-I guarantee you there’s a part of yourself that you are rejecting, denying, avoiding, resisting, a part of you, you don’t like.”

The former host of the popular OWN show “Iyanla Fix My Life” has taken her talents to Shondaland for a new podcast called the “R Spot” that focuses on relationships.

“Everything is a relationship,” she explained. “Russia and Ukraine, that’s a relationship. Republicans and Democrats, that’s a relationship. You and your mother, that’s a relationship. You and your money, that’s a relationship.”

Vanzant wants the podcast to help people understand how they can improve the relationships around them.

“Everything is about relationships and how relationships are in such bad shape because we simply don’t have the skills, the tools, the information, to make them healthy and fulfilling,” the former lawyer said. “We’ve never been taught.”

For those looking to begin, Vanzant wants you to look within.

“First improve our relationship with ourselves,” she advised. “So we can improve our relationship with everything and everyone else.”

In order to do just that, the “In the Meantime” author listed off the bad habits you need to get rid of.

“Stop doubting yourself, stop beating yourself up, stop judging yourself, stop criticizing yourself, stop blaming yourself,” she advised. “Look for the best in you. The brain has a negativity bias, and we go to what’s wrong before we go to what’s right.

Vanzant reasoned that once you see yourself in a better light, you begin to see everything else that way too.

The “R Spot” is available everywhere you stream your podcasts, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday.