Comedian J.B. Smoove has already dominated television and film, and now he’s making his way into the podcast world.

“Funny My Way” is a docuseries-type podcast that tells the stories of six Black comedy legends, with Smoove doing the narration.

“This thing is amazing,” the comedian said. “If you never understood the process of what being a comedian is in turbulent times, in great times. In all these eras, we must try to bring brightness and happiness to people during all this turmoil.”

The 56-year-old went on to explain just how important the job of a comedian is.

“We are in the midst of crazy times right now,” he said. “We got war, we got pandemics going on, we got crime, we got all these great things, but we also remain and have laughter at our disposal. We take the craziness of the world, package it up and somehow deliver it to you and give you some kind of different version of the news. Different version of life.”

One of the comedic legends Smoove talks about is Paul Mooney. The comedian died just last year. Smoove explained how he had an interesting experience before Mooney passed while doing an interview in front of The Comedy Store.

“I was making reference to how great it was to have our names added to the building, you know, I pointed to make reference to a few comics in my eye shot. He was one of them and I said ‘the great Paul Mooney’s there,'” he said. “Let me tell you, a week later the man was gone. That camera could’ve been set up anywhere around that building with all the legendary comedians that are all written on that building, but I referenced him in the interview and it was so timely that I got a chance to say ‘the great Paul Mooney.'”

“The Real Husbands of Hollywood” star said recording the podcast left him so inspired.

“This is absolutely a must-listen to,” he said. “We all have that story, and it’s great to hear that story told through another comedian.”

The comedian is also looking forward to the next season”Curb Your Enthusiasm.” He explained that he recently saw Larry David at his house for a birthday party, and the “Seinfeld” co-creator was very elusive on details.

“Larry’s tight-lipped,” he confessed. “He likes me better when I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

The HBO series is up for Outstanding Comedy Series for this year’s Emmy Awards.

You can listen to “Funny My Way” now on Audible. New episodes drop weekly.