The SAG-AFTRA strike is reaching its second week with no end in sight.

This puts the financial security of many members in jeopardy.

While many assume all actors are making big money, 95% of members have second jobs and don’t make enough to have health insurance with the union.

To help, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation was put in place. It’s important to note that the foundation and the union itself are entirely different entities.

The foundation is a nonprofit that “delivers emergency assistance to members in need,” according to actor and board member Jason George.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star further explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin about some circumstances where this helps.

“So, because of financial strife- when people can’t make their rent, can’t get their medications,” he said. “We have social workers, we help give them the funds to keep them from falling through the cracks of life.”

The actor, who is currently on strike, touted the big names who have shown up in a major way to help fellow actors. Earlier this week, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reportedly made a seven-figure donation to the foundation.

“Dwayne Johnson came through with the largest donation that any individual has ever given to the foundation. That’s because he knows 86% of our membership doesn’t make the $26,500 it takes to qualify for health insurance,” he explained. “It’s so in and out, our business. But, everyone who’s gotten successful were there and so they show up.”

The “Station 19” star also noted that Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett contacted the foundation within hours offering to help.

“Nobody wants to be on strike,” he revealed. “But the best part about being on strike is that you see the goodness of people when they come together and you see the solidarity. On the strike lines you see friends, you haven’t seen in forever.”

“I, at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, get to see how many people show up to take care of our most vulnerable members.”

To donate to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Relief Fund, head here.