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Thank you, Lisa Bonet, for feeling a chill in the air last night.

Or shall we thank whoever was in charge of the ballroom temperature at The Beverly Hilton?

Whatever the cause, we were left #blessed at the sight of Bonet’s husband, Jason Momoa, clad in a tank top.

The actress spent the tail end of the awards show wearing Momoa’s velvet tuxedo jacket slug over her shoulders. What a gentleman.

Momoa’s big reveal came shortly after actor Brian Cox took to the stage for his acceptance speech. Suddenly, Momoa was on camera with his hair up, sans jacket, in his tank top. Cue social media insanity.

“JASON MOMOA IS IN A TANK TOP I’M SCREAMING #GoldenGlobes,” one fan wrote.

Another wrote, “Can someone please direct the camera back to Jason Momoa in tank top at golden globes?”

The actor had arrived earlier in the evening wearing the green jacket by Tom Ford, black Valentino pants and a watch and brooch by Cartier.

He even posted a sneak peek of himself getting ready before the show.

How anyone at the Globes was able to look past Momoa’s biceps to concentrate on the stage is beyond comprehension.