Jason Schwartzman’s films make us feel all the emotions, but it turns out his craft causes him to feel a bit sheepish.

“I find acting sometimes a bit embarrassing. On a film set they say ‘quiet, quiet, everyone watch this,'” he explained. I’m like ‘don’t watch this!'”

However, the “Rushmore” star doesn’t get self-conscious in front of filmmaker Wes Anderson. The pair have worked on numerous movies together including the upcoming “Asteroid City.”

“I don’t know if I’ve known anyone, really as long as I’ve known him,” Schwartzman explained to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “They know you so well that it actually calls upon you to work harder because there’s no hiding. I think with Wes, he’s seen me be so bad so often, that there’s nothing to hide.”

While Schwartzman may be a bit shy in front of an entire crew, his latest film “There There” may have been more up his alley.

Back in October 2020, filmmaker Andrew Bujalski approached him with a “cockamamie idea” of a movie where each actor is sent a camera, microphone and a camera person and shoot the scenes by themselves.

“You were only responsible for your side of the scenes. The script was written in a way where it would be these back and forths between two characters,” he revealed. “I was very excited about this prospect especially given now that you know that I’m embarrassed to have people watch you. This is just the ultimate there’s no one watching.”

Schwartzman revealed that he never worked with the actor he was seen starring alongside in the film.

“There There” hits select theaters and becomes available on-demand on Nov. 18.