These two women are the personification of female empowerment and are laying the smackdown on the status quo.

Jeanie Buss is the President of the Los Angeles Lakers and co-owner of WOW – Women of Wrestling. WOW is an all-female wrestling organization, which is the only one out there.

Buss explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin what this venture means for her and many young girls out there aspiring to hit the mat.

“For me as a young woman to see Billie Jean King take on Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes,” she revealed. “I want young women to see what it’s like. You can get in touch with your inner Beast, you can be strong. The important message that I want young women to hear is that don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Maybe it’s right or wrong, but (if) it’s right to you, stand up and fight for it.”

Jeanie Buss and The Beast
Jeanie Buss and The Beast talk about WOW – Women of Wrestling.
This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Sept. 15, 2023.

And these women definitely fight for it in the ring.

When it comes down to who makes for a better fighter, The Beast had this to say:

“Women are more meticulous,” she explained. “Wrestling is kind of like a chess game, but someone’s also trying to rip the leg off of your body. We’re just more detail-oriented.”

“Let’s be honest, we hold a grudge better.”

It’s currently being filmed as a television show, but the businesswoman has bigger plans.

“I want to eventually tour and you know, be my legacy and something that will last way after I’m gone,” Buss explained. “Somebody like The Beast, we taught her how to wrestle she’s a fantastic athlete, and deserves a platform for people to see how talented she is. Wrestling brings out that talent and gives it a showcase.”

It’s no secret Buss’ knack for knowing talent is in her blood. Lakers fans and Angelenos know just how much of an impact her father, the late Jerry Buss, had on professional sports. Those who didn’t are learning by watching HBO’s “Winning Time.”

Actor John C. Reilly portrays Buss’ father in the series during the Showtime Era of the franchise.

“I miss my dad so much. When I see Reilly, I’m going to give him a hug because he’s really captured my dad in that character,” she gushed. “I really appreciate his work and he deserves a lot of award consideration.”

The team has huge plans next year as they plan to unveil a statue to honor the late Kobe Bryant.

She explained the importance of the landmark seeing as a popular mural of the Black Mamba is in danger of being removed.

“We will love Kobe for the rest of Laker history. He was a big part of why the arena was ever built and the following that he has and I think his legacy grows and grows,” she explained.

Of all the things on Buss’ plate, why not add a wedding?

She tied the knot to comedian Jay Mohr in a private ceremony over Labor Day Weekend.

“I couldn’t be happier,” she said with a smile.

Season 2 of WOW – Women of Wrestling premieres Sept. 16 on KCAL at 11 p.m.